Monday, October 19, 2009

how can I...

how can I decide what's right. when you're clouding up my mind.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

couldn't ever ask for better parents

wow i love my parents. best parents ever. love you guys... a lot..a lot!

best room-mate ever SERIOUSLY!

love this guy! came to the accident scene. brought my smashed up bike home and met me at the hospital. sat and laughed and joked about all the bullshit that has happened. He called my mom to let her know what was up. and just stayed with me a for a few hours at the hospital. so awesome. like i said...BEST ROOM-MATE EVER!

this one i could love forever...

i get hit by a car and the first person that comes to mind is her. laying in the hospital waiting to get stitched up...waiting for the news about my busted teeth...waiting for her. i was embarrassed and definitely not looking my best. and there she was...never felt better. Through her eyes I probably didn't show any emotion when she walked in, but it was there. i wanted to just break down and cry when i saw her. a sight she's never seen before. The mentality of "i have to be tough" kicks in. I'm freaking out inside. Completely freaking out...i still am. just the thought, it could've been a lot worse...getting hit by a car with damages to your body changes your perspective a bit.i love her and thank you for taking care of me and making me feel like everything's ok. it's gonna be ok. she makes my heart smile.

Thursday, October 1, 2009